Wednesday, March 3, 2010

San Diego and back to Salton

Rode the TW from Salton to Lakeside to be a tourist for a few days in San Diego with Kellie. That's her on the left and her friend D who's family has guest passes to all things museum. We got an assortment and headed to the harbor to see the Midway aircraft carrier.

D's whole family is artistic and their house is loaded with interesting stuff like this stained glass.

Welcomed aboard


On over to the Prado in Balboa Park. I feel so at home here; we lived nearby when I was in grammar school and the park was my playground.
and back to Salton on Sunday. Great fun on curvy roads.

The powerline road was easy to follow, but I started getting thirsty.

Back at the center of town (an intersection) the Alamo Resturant had the solution.

The rest of the town civic area. This is only half of the municipal building and one of the rooms is the library open twice a week. This is where I've been blogging.

The marina never did sell out after the big fish die off. Someone must still be watching for the fish to come back.
The beaches are made up of bones and shells.

No sand, just bones.

Abandoned RV park with Therese and Suzanne. We rode there on quads.

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