Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tucson at Outback

My host Kay and some friends went to Outback. Fun to be in a city restaurant after to offerings in Truth or Consequences. The food served in TorC usually fell into the consequences category.

Today I meet up with three Aramco Brats, Erica, Colette and Marty. We lived in Saudi Arabia with our families as our dads worked for the company. After 4 hours of lively conversation we still had not caught up with all that had happened since then.

Tucson for the Weekend

Just moment before leaving and feeling assured that indeed, the truck would roll. I had so much packed into the back and even the passenger seat to still drop off into storage, that I was having doubts that it would budge. Whew, off I went, filled the tires and was glad to see the bulging was pressure, not load. Hours later as highway hypnosis set in, stopping to nap in the back was so pleasant. Stopping at the Dragoon rest area, I could tell TW (my motorcycle) was eager to race up the hill. I resisted.

Light was fading and I didn't want to drive through Tucson at night. Did anyway.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Day Before Departure

Already time to go, packing the truck like a puzzle. Thursday night in Tucson, Monday in San Diego and Tuesday in Costa Mesa. Seems surreal to be going back on the road. Once I roll a few miles and nothing falls off I should be back in the groove.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dreaming the Dream - Soon to Go

One week now until I start my long dreamed of trip through the Western States. I have my pickup with a camper shell for a base camp, massage table to sleep on, photo gear to catch landscapes when the light is just right, bicycle to keep me in shape and best of all, a TW200 dual purpose motorcycle with which to roam around and see everything. I'll start from Truth or Consequences, NM, go to California, up the coast, over to the Rockies and back down to New Mexico by fall. You can see from the picture, I've been sitting around eating for the last 8 months and back up to my fightin' weight (if I were a Sumo wrestler). My bikes will be my fitness trainers as I pound dirt roads. My hitch mounted rack for the TW was delivered today and I'll get that assembled first thing. Gotta go twist some nuts.