Wednesday, March 17, 2010

going back to Truth or Consequences?

Clark dry lake in Anza Borrego.
In a week, I'll mosey back toward Truth of Consequences just for a few weeks to go to a medical appt mid April in Albuquerque and then to Arkansas to pick up another TW200 I bought to replace the one I have. Nothing wrong with mine, but the new one has all the modifications I want for traveling. I'll have proper racks and bags, upgraded everything. I'll be able to go fast enough to keep up with traffic and not worry about my stuff falling off. I've been here in Salton Sea for about a month and feel it's time to get out and see more.

I've packed the TW for bare bones camping. That means no internet connection and not much else either. I hope to do most of my traveling like this and back to the truck to resupply. I have a week's stuff with me and I'll see how that goes. I'll be in the Borrego Badlands and roam around as my whims take me. There won't be much to camping, only a tent, pad and sleeping bag. My time will be spent riding around. I feel like this is the trip I really came to be on and it's now starting. I'm not one to piss and moan about my physical issues, suffice it to say that I finally feel ready to take this on.

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  1. Well its April 23 and I am just now catching up with my real life. I have literally run thru your blog and will come back later when I have more time. Hope you are well. It looks like alot of fun. Sorry I missed you when you came to LA in February. Hope you get this post. Love, your friend, Pat (Cinco de Mayo)