Monday, February 22, 2010

Weeks Offline!!! Eek!

20100212 fri
Dry out, clean out and repack at Salton City. Nice to have a place to myself and get caught up on travel chores. Everything out of the truck and spread out to dry. I didn't think to take a picture of it. Hmm... some photographer. This weekend Rick and Therese will be here with a houseful of family and I'll camp out at Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area which is only a mile away. I'll have a chance to ride T-Dub on more dirt roads than I could do in a week.
Pulled up to Holly Road at sunset and found a good flat spot near the restroom. Everyone’s kids had to get out and ride even at night. They all have headlights and whips with lights to see them coming from a wash or behind a hill. Plenty of noise and enthusiasm; earplugs required.

20100213 sat
First day at Ocotillo Wells SVRA and every rider seems to need to make a loop around this area as the start of their ride. Biked in to Salton City for hamburger and tortillas to make burritos. Having this truck and using it like this gives me a sense of connection to my parents, Al and Mary. It’s the only thing I have to remember them. I have all the mechanical stuff fixed on it, but I’ll leave it to look to way it does, all rusty and faded. On the dashboard I have a picture of my mom when she was 18 and adventurous, I like having her along with me.

20100214 sun
Comfortable now, sleeping on my massage table, just two nights to break me in. I keep doing my physical therapy for my knees and back. Wriggling and crawling around in the back of the truck must be of some use, too. Stopped by at Rick and Therese’s, met Kevin who works with Rick and got him to buy the house here. Kevin has bought two houses for less than $50K and loves the area. He had a laundry list of places to go see and do here. I took the T-dub on Hwy 86 up to 65 mph for about five seconds and the wind buffeting me felt much different than at 55. I had two cameras with me, but I did not stop to take pictures of the dirt roads or where I ate. Surely I’ll slow down enough to do so eventually. I’m still in hurry mode. Much calmer in camp today; the frenzy has passed.

20100215 mon Presidents’ Day
Just sitting at the picnic table when a departing visitor offered me his 4 six gallon water jugs before he threw them away – perfect! I can toss my one gallon containers.
Back to Rick and Therese’s to enjoy the family busyness as the left to go back home. It is so heartwarming to see this loving and well adjusted family working together. Also, I was in time for a late breakfast with their daughter Jamie and her friend, Mike. I saw everyone off and had the house to myself for the rest of the week. Even though there are beds available here, I am more comfortable sleeping in the truck now.

20100216 tue
Not much to do but relax and hang out. Satellite tv and reading to pass the days. Since I left my notebook with my PT workout in Tucson, I’ve recreated it here. I don't know if this is too much information, scroll as needed.

Seated ankle bends – elbows on knee – toes up
Toe scrunches – passive and active
Knees up – cross resisting
Toe risers
TFL stretch
Wider squats
Pushup over chair back
Left lunges – heels down
Twisting pushback against wall
Right lunges – heels down
Chairback Cobra
Squats left foot out
Left triangle
Squats right foot out
Right triangle
Prone – grasp ankles
Forearm knee plank
Alternating legs up
Seated twists
Supine hip risers – back arches
Knees to chest – assisted and resisted
Standing – bent over – hands clasped behind back and arch
Balance on one leg – bent at hip – leg and arms out

20100218 thur
Awoke thinking of making big family portraits on this trip and of bring my box of family photos with me when I return from NM. The first family that comes to mind is Stan and Ruby’s in San Bernardino. It’s huge.

2010-02-19 fri
Cleaned up and move my stuff back into the truck in anticipation of Rick and Therese’s return. Not sure where I’ll spend the weekend.
2010-02 mon
Another fun weekend with Rick, Therese, Joe her brother and his wife, Suzzane. Riding the quads and my Tdub to the Sea and root around in the mud and debris.
I've added some pictures to my previous post...

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  1. Good grief! I am NOT a blogger. Finally, found the way to post. It's Sunday june 27th and I just read your last blog. You are toooooooo funny/sarcastic. Hope you continue to be well. Shit on the Vets/Feds re: your Vietnam duty. Glad you are finding happiness through the American Native traditions! Too cool. Your friend, Pat in socal