Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Week in So Cal and Headed for Salton Sea

Sunday, January 31st was significant for me as it is the first ride I'll go on with people I've met on the TW 200 Forum. I was going to visit with Tom from the forum while I was in Tucson, but our schedules didn't mesh and he suggested I contact Brian who was leading a ride for Melissa who is a noobie. This was perfect for me since I'm still challenged to keep the bike up. Several forum
posts and emails later, I'm set to meet up on the road to Ajo and park/unload our vehicles near their friend's house to start the ride. The drive on the dirt road was a good trial of my rack with the motorcycle with plenty of bouncing and twisting. I now feel comfortable with the setup and don't worry about it just falling off on the highway. Unloading was easy, a little warmup of the bikes and off we six went on a fun moderate ride for 17 miles round trip. Rocky road, sandy washes, and a tricky steep solid rock climb after which four of us turned around and went back to the starting point. Riding in the deep soft sand was a little unstable, as random steering seemed
to take over. Speed up, sit further back and let the front tire surf. Hmm... looks good on paper. Two of the guys continued on through on the road, one of them had a gps that showed the dirt roads and wanted to follow that back to Tucson. The gps is so useful, he had the maps from Garmin and could download tracks from other people. The gps would create a track of wherever he went and with taps on the screen he could plot way points along the route he was taking. Every turn and dip can be seen ahead; it must take all the fun and excitement out of getting lost. Back at the truck, loading the bike would have been easier if I had thought it through a bit more and not end up playing Twister. I learning. We had a relaxing beer and snack with Brian's friends where we parked and I went back to Kay's feeling like I didn't need a bicycle to get exercise; riding the motorcycle on dirt was enough.

Monday, Feb. 1 Drove from Tucson to Lakeside, CA near San Diego. Drive, drive, desert, Border Patrol checkpoints, into Greater San Diego and wander around Lakeside finding where Kellie lives. Her friend Magnus had the same problem with his truck as I do with intermittent
vibration from the back and has a mechanic who will fix it. Cool, I'll be returning for that.

Tuesday, Feb. 2 Stayed with Cindy and Casey in San Clemente for six days, loafing and getting to catch up with some friends.

Wednesday, Feb. 3 The BBQ Special at Fisherman's Wharf on the San Clemente pier is the best value in town with my friend Dave. The view is pretty good, too, if you block out Dave.

Thurs. Feb. 4 Rain, Fri. Rain, Sat. Rain

Sun Feb Blue skies, puffy clouds I can wipe down my bike and put a cover on it.

Monday Feb 8 Drove back to Lakeside, truck with mechanic, it's ok, really, just watch it. lube and oil.

Tues Feb 9 hangin' with Kellie. Finally got good orange chicken

Wed Feb 10 leave for Therese's vacation home in Salton City to ride around in the Ocotillo Wells rec area.

pictures are not loading today, I'll try later...

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  1. How fun! Nice break from my drugery to read your blog. Can't wait to see more pics . . . of you not just scenery or bikes! ha, ha Pat lp