Monday, May 27, 2013

Still on the Road

I'm back and starting a new chapter in my travels.  Since I last posted 3 years ago a lot of the same stuff has been happening.  I'm not going to pick this up from where I left off but I will write some stories about what I've done during this time.  3 weeks ago I drove the pickup back to NM to drop off some stuff and sold my 91 LeBaron.  I needed to get my motor rebuilt and some other deferred maintainance and upgrades done.  I then rode my wr250r motorcycle back to San Diego to go to some VA spots.  I left the bike there for some upgrades aka "farkles" while I flew back to Tucson to attend an ARAMCO Brat reunion at the Westin La Paloma resort.  There were 750 of us there ready to party.  What fun to see friends from jr high and meet Facebook friends for the first time.

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  1. Nice to see you back on line . Here's (cheers?) to quality living & riding. Hopefully, loving too. - Dave from Motoventures school, Feb 2013